Using Ipythonblocks for teaching Python

Ipythonblocks is a visual teaching tool that allows students to experiment with Python flow control concepts and immediately see the effects of their code represented in a colorful, attractive way.

I plan to use it in my coursework.

It is easily installed from within the notebook – see below:

!pip install -q ipythonblocks



2 thoughts on “Using Ipythonblocks for teaching Python”

  1. After installing !pip install -q ipythonblocks,

    1. should I type the commands that are displayed in the picture. On line 5, 6, 7?

  2. I typed the commands anyway. I was able to get the same output displayed in picture. Just a suggestion. Maybe, number steps or add a little more detail. : )

    1. Install ipythonblocks . Type line 1 :
    !pip install -q ipythonblocks
    from ipythonblocks import BlockGrid
    click play button

    2. line 2 type : grid = BlockGrid(10, 10, fill=(123, 234,123))
    click play button

    3. line 3 type : grid
    click play button

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